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About Mill

Buškovský mill and its grounds, located in the beautiful setting of the Bohemian Paradise, represent the ideal spot for your special occasions and events. We are here to help you organize celebrations and events based on your wishes. We will be happy to support you in all necessary arrangements and essential preparations. It will be our pleasure to make these extraordinary moments memorable to you.

Original Mill Room

Imagine an old mill hall, dated back to the 16th century, as a large social space filled up with a unique atmosphere. This room with an area of 90 m2 can easily welcome more than 50 people. Additionally, an adjoining kitchen and a small bar contribute to the comfort and coziness of this special space. We would like our guests to feel light and relaxed in here.


No farm house could do without a detached barn. This former barn is nowadays used as a perfect setting for meetings and parties. Our guests have the use of a big barbecue with wood chunks inside.

Garden with a small lake

The mill property is surrounded by a private well-maintained garden. The Klenice stream running along the plot flows directly into a small lake. The garden landscaping adds a lively interest to the estate. It seems to be the ideal spot for your summer celebration.

A Space to work and create

All of our premises offer ideal space not only for recreational use but also for work purposes. Your company may hold a teambuilding event here. You may arrange your meetings with important clients, organize workshops or training courses. The surroundings of the mill allow you to arrange a variety of sport activities and hobby courses.

We are always open to your ideas and suggestions. We will do our best to fulfill your requirements and make the event unforgettable.