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The water mill was founded in the second half of the 16th century near the town of Sobotka, by the Klenice stream, situated in a beautiful landscape of the southern part of the Bohemian Paradise. In the written medieval records is stated:

“The Honourable Mr. Volf Voldřich Rozendorf from Špremberk, at the time working as a clerk at the Kost castle, on Monday after St. George in 1580, he bought for himself and all his heirs a mill called Buškovský, from Adam who was the miller of Mlejnek and all this for 200 threescore Bohemian groschen…Actum ut supra”

After many centuries and many generations of millers, in 1911 the water mill was bought by a farmer and later on the city mayor of Sobotka, Mr. František Balák. The last miller who stayed here was Mr. Miroslav Bobek. During the time before the Second World War, the mill had a wood-fired bread oven, in which were baked 4kg loaves of bread. After the war in 1953, the mill was nationalized, handed over to the Collective Farming, later to the State Fisheries, and from 1964 the mill was uninhibited. The mill remained abandoned for several decades and gradually began to decay.

Since 1984 the water mill has changed several owners. During that period there was a large reconstruction of the property done. Significant milestone in the history of the Buškovský mill took place in 2021 while the mill came into the hands of the first actual baker since the Second World War. At the moment we would love to breathe new life into the mill, recover the tradition of bread baking and revive the genius loci. Our next step is to put back in place the water wheel, restore the oven and start baking our first bread after almost one hundred years. Let's do it together! Let's help the mill to come alive again!


Mlýny na Klenici a v okolí, autor Václav Šolc